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Okay, so you want to make an interesting or unusual piece for your wall? All you need is a primed canvas of any size, some bits and pieces you have lying around and some imagination!

1. Preparing your canvas

Take your canvas, and apply primer to it. All you need is some cheap primer from Wayne’s World or the Reject Shop. Monte Mart will do. You could even use a tube of paint, depending on the size of the canvas. I used yellow paint for Birds of a FeatherLet the canvas dry before moving on.  (If you canvas is already primed, skip this step.)

2. Background

If you have used white primer or paint, and want a different colour, or want a pattern and/or some more colours on your background, now is your chance to apply some colour. However, if you don’t want to add more colour, and are happy with the background, feel free to leave it. For The Old Campfire, and The Freedom to Love, I left the canvas as it was after I primed it.

3. Foreground

Now for the fun part! Find any junk or treasures that are lying around and decide what you want where. Let your imagination run wild!

4. Glue

Once you have decided the layout, glue everything down and let it dry.

5. Nearly there!

Add your signature or mark. Sprinkle some glitter over your masterpiece if desired. Varnish, and you’re done!

Tip: If you have feathers or anything similar on your masterpiece, use spray varnish.

 The Freedom to Love


The Old Campfire

I used some burnt matches for this oneBurnt out matches aren’t hard to come by if you have a gas stove, or are using candles.

Birds of a Feather

 Sewing thread, feathers, and a few dried rose pettles.


So, all you need is a bit of imagination, and you can create a masterpiece.

Have fun!

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