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Hi all!

It has been a while since I posted here.

I no longer have any of the chickens I have preveously posted about. However, I now have a gorgeous flock of silkies. I also have a blue pekin hen. I have had a bit of trouble with them, as Dad had to put one rooster down. Another rooster and a pekin hen keeled over and died with out much warning. I have lost another hen recently as well, but that was not so unexpected. Although, I would have thought her companion to be the one to leave us, as I have been worried about various things with her for a while. But no. Little One, as I have named her, is as spritly as ever! Another hen turned out to be a rooster! Paid $25 for him too. I have been hoping to get some showgirls soon, but the silkies will have to do for now. I have been given two good quality silkie roosters recently as well. One is a Red, and the other is a Silver/White (Hence their names, Red and Silverstone). I hopefully will be able to get some hens for Red in particular, as they are hard to find.

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