The Garden Gate

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I wrote these lines of prose yesterday after getting the first lines late Saturday night. Why is it that we get our best inspiration at the most inconvenient times? I usually have to get out of bed at some crazy hour to jot something down. Sometimes if I have been reading something I might get inspiration, but the most inconvenient times are the most memorable. Especially the next morning! These lines talk about how when we are facing the unknown, God wants us to just trust Him and take the plunge, instead of staying in what we know and feel safe in.

Enjoy and God Bless,

I stood at the garden gate
Looking out at the world beyond
Wondering if I’d get lost
If I stepped out beyond the fence

I heard a little voice
Whispering in my ear
“Trust Me” it said
“And take a step.”

And so I took a little step
Out into the world
Beyond the garden fence

My foot found a little path
That seemed to disappear
Out into the grass
“Just follow the path”
The little voice said

“Just follow the path
And trust Me to lead you
Wherever you go”

So I started following
That little path
Out into the world
Beyond the garden gate

My feet were tiring
My shoulders sagging
When I saw a pair of feet
Forging the path ahead

I followed the feet up
And saw my Savior
Leading me through the fog

I forgot my achy feet
The blisters in my shoes
And I focused on the Lord

So I walked out
Into the unknown
Trusting that no matter what
Jesus is there

Emily Day 2015

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