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Hi all!

It has been a while since I posted here.

I no longer have any of the chickens I have preveously posted about. However, I now have a gorgeous flock of silkies. I also have a blue pekin hen. I have had a bit of trouble with them, as Dad had to put one rooster down. Another rooster and a pekin hen keeled over and died with out much warning. I have lost another hen recently as well, but that was not so unexpected. Although, I would have thought her companion to be the one to leave us, as I have been worried about various things with her for a while. But no. Little One, as I have named her, is as spritly as ever! Another hen turned out to be a rooster! Paid $25 for him too. I have been hoping to get some showgirls soon, but the silkies will have to do for now. I have been given two good quality silkie roosters recently as well. One is a Red, and the other is a Silver/White (Hence their names, Red and Silverstone). I hopefully will be able to get some hens for Red in particular, as they are hard to find.

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The roosters

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Mum has finally convinced me to get rid of Eskimo, Mr White, and Hamburg to make space for the Silkies and Showgirls I want to get. Eskimo had also turned nasty. I had hopped in the pen to fix the nest up, and bam, I copped one in the face. Shook me up a fair bit as I’ve never had a rooster get me in the face before. That was the only place he could get me though, due to my position. So now the pens are empty (The hens were put in with Mum’s black chooks) and the freezer is fuller. Mum has kindly said that I won’t have to eat them. She’ll cook them up for Dad’s birthday as I will be in the Philippines on a mission trip and I’ll miss his birthday.

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